♡ events! ☆

morning mākeke: 2/11, 3/17, 4/21, 5/11, 7/13, 8/10
bhs block party: 2/3
chinese new year festival @ maui mall: 2/10

♡ my supplies! ☆

clip studio paint
ipad air 5th gen
veikk vk1060
link to my brushes

hi i'm gothgyaru~! i'm a filipino-queer digital artist based in hawai'i. 

my brand revolves around elements of early 2000's-2010's internet nostalgia and asian pop culture.

i am available for work, whether it be personal or commercial. if you are interested, click the buttons above to view my work or email me: gothgyaru@gmail.com.

please note that i do not have any formal education in art or design as i am self-taught.

under construction!